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Why Not Spend Detox Season at Our Cotswold Holiday Cottage in Moreton-in-Marsh?

You ate, drank and were merry this Christmas and New Year’s Season and now you find yourself in January Detox Season! The season to clean up all that excess you indulged in over the holidays (or maybe throughout 2019).

Each year there are a number of latest detox fads ranging from Dry January, Superfoods Diet, Intermittent Fasting and the list goes on and on. Which one works, which one does not, and which one achieves the greatest gain with the least amount of pain?

Personally, I found 2019 to be a rollercoaster of a year with more downs than ups. At times it felt like I was walking through mud that was waist deep – moving forward but at a snail’s pace. So, my detox regime this year is focused on self-care which I started at Moreton Cottage in the beautiful Cotswold town of Moreton-in-Marsh.

How to spend Detox Season at Moreton Cottage?

Well, to start I wake early and sit in the kitchen at Moreton Cottage watching the sunrise over a nice hot cup of herbal tea. After I finish my tea, I do a series of gentle yoga poses using Downdog App on the yoga mats with meditation pads provided at Moreton Cottage. I always face the view of the cottage garden from the kitchen, or the view of the Manor House gardens from the loft.

After a nice simple breakfast, it is time for a walk in the English countryside in the beautiful Cotswolds. A good choice for a close local walk is the walk to the Batsford Arboretum which is accessed via the small walkway to the left of Victoria Coffee House. It might be a little on the muddy side this time of year but put on those Wellies and get out there as the mud will help with the resistance training! Other personal favourites a little further afield but worth the effort to get there are: Cleeve Common including Cleeve Hill and, Cotswolds Way starting in Chipping Camden.

Self-care always includes a little pampering in my world. So, round it all out with a visit to a local Moreton-in-Marsh spa – Spa on the Square. This spa is nestled away on the High Street and less than a 5-minute walk from Moreton Cottage. Do not let its unassuming frontage fool you. This spa is comparable to any I have been any where in the world! The treatment menu is extensive and there is something for every price range. My personal favourite is the Float Home Experience (which commences with a relaxing and prescriptive light therapy bath, followed by a full body massage and 5 Element facial). Honestly, you will literally float back to Moreton Cottage.

If your detox season includes loading up on Superfoods, there is a lovely Superfood bowl served at The Porch House in Stow-on-the-Wold. Said to be England’s oldest inn, the Porch House is quintessentially English, with parts of the building dating back to the year 947. If Superfoods are not your thing, there are lots of other options. The chef combines the best local ingredients to create the most delicious dishes. They also have a number of delicious Vegetarian, Vegan and Gluten free dishes available. There is a full dining room, but I recommend sitting by the fire near the bar while you enjoy this sumptuous meal. It is small and cozy – perfect for chilling out.

However, you plan to spend Detox Season, we hope you spend a little portion of it at our Cotswold holiday cottage, Moreton Cottage.


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